Friday, November 30, 2007

New digs, new port - need advice to make my studio more girly without losing my balls

I am running a few trial sheets of some moab paper through, getting my port all set for a few professional opportunities next week.

After the swanky Olive Boutique party, I will shoot some photos of my super cool doctor at Gotta get a licensing deal arranged. I am not a big fan of unlimited use but we may be able to work something out.

In any case, my fashionista doctor will make an excellent subject and will finally push me over the redecoration edge in studio. We need to paint, mount stuff, get a fridge, sink, mirror with light bulbs and a couple of hanging bare bulbs from the ceiling. Move my leather couch in with Pioneer receiver and a couple of speakers, we can make it sound good.

For the event, we need to get some pictures hung.

No more industrial shoot schack. Hello feminine experience. Women buy photos. My shop must ease up on that manly stuff. That manly stuff just makes good pictures. That happy stuff makes saleable pictures damn it. Only one way to see, keep as much manliness in the design but put womanly aspects of design such as a fridge filled with french water. A special chair, A big movie style fancy chair with flowers that we can also use in a shoot. A couple ligts in the ceiling woucd be good if they could work on pulley.

Hopefully I can get my industrial Salem studio to work well for women since they are the primary purchasers of portrait photography.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Salem Photographer - Fine Art Photos Featured in Journal

My fine art photos will be featured in the Salem Project, an art journal that will be sold at the Coffee House Cafe.

Stop by, pick up a copy - or visit my site at to see some of my fine art work.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lightoom organization

Although I am loving Adobe Lightroom, I am struggling with organization of all of my photos. My portrait photography business has generated 27,369 photos that I have kept. My family photos are separate. I need to figure out and apply a keywording scheme as I am having a harder and harder time finding specific photos, especially my landscape fine art photography work.

I have two Lightroom books, and I need to sit down and go through everything this weekend.

Trying to determine the cost benefit of spending so much time organizing, but I am seeing it as inevitable at this point.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Salem art magazine

Some of my photos will be in the Salem Journal, to be sold at the Book Bin in downtown Salem as well as a few other spots around town. I had actually submitted a bunch of them a while ago, so they are not my latest, greatest stuff, but still worth looking at.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Here are two photos with Marie. I had this insane shot in mind for a while after seeing the all white brick basement of my studio building. With the model working on being a psychologist, I thought it might work out well to take a first run at the shot I had in mind.

The final shot I would like to do involves another person and a little bit more cinematic perspective, but just for the high key factor, I like these. Trying to avoid the whole appearance of bondage, but that is tough to do with the subject. What do you think? While it is high key, there is detail in the highlights, so if you see a mass of white, with no detail, either your brightness or contrast may be a touch high on your monitor.



Salem Photographer

Wow, just noticed that this blog put me on top of the google search for "Salem photographer." Awesome!


I will be at a Christmas party held in the Salem Arts Building on Friday, Dec. 7, by the Olive Boutique. It is an invite only affair with the Olive Boutique's top clients. They sell fairly high end boutique stuff. Hopefully, the new store in the building will also participate. It is a pin up style, fetishy pin up clothing store called Cherry Red.

I will have a small display and offer a 50% discount on my sitting fee for bookings made that night.

I am also excited about shooting some pictures for my doctor's office. She is a good doctor and a pretty cool person, so it should be fun. She also has a razor wire tattoo on her leg that reminds me of George Clooney's tattoo on his neck. I might shoot something in the freight elevator that just focuses on her calf with a cool shoe.

I will post a lot more to this blog today, with lots of pics.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Salem photographer

Alright, I am now on the hunt for the ever elusive SEO. That would be search engine optimization.

I think I have a good reputation locally and have never had a client less than thrilled with the photos, but it is time to try and fill in the slow periods. Although the last week has been slow (and I have really enjoyed it after senior and school photography), I also like shooting a lot.
Maybe I will see if Lauren wants to shoot. She has an interesting look but works a lot better with a make up artist, which I don't have handy this weekend.
Tis the season for boudoir pictures, so maybe I should beef up my site,, for that a bit. Problem is, people think that if you have a lot of boudoir photography you are just trying to take pictures of people nekkid. For me, it is the fashion and model photos that drive wives to my site to get hot pictures for their husbands.
I may be able to get some of my fine art work hung at a nice downtown establishment. Will post more information as it is available.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Is blogging worth it?

Not sure. Maybe my content just sucks.

I don't know that I have time to do this much anymore. Maybe now that I took some time off school, I will post and shoot more. I have added any photos to my flickr account in a while either. I think I will this weekend. It is tough though because it takes time and I don't want my images to get ripped off.

Senior and school photography were super busy this year! One more weekend day of editing photos and I am done though. Should be a little slow in November like always. I do get a smattering of boudoir requests from wives wanting to look hot for their husbands and am shooting one of my friend in the next couple of weekends.

I keep adding pics to my site at I may get another site to rank a little higher in the search engines.